Tempus Quality


Founded in 2007, Tempus Quality introduced an innovative concept with regards to assisting companies with administration and their organisational capabilities.

With our vision in mind, we defined and continuously refined our strategy and, which shapes Tempus Quality today. Our work is based on extensive experience of the activities that our clients undertake, our wide understanding in matters of administration of different company types and, a deep technical knowledge with regards to all matters related to corporate structures, accounting and tax legislation.

Tempus Quality - EMPRESAS


Our philosophy is based on two fundamental principles.

First, we believe that the efficient and effective use of time is one of the main pillars that creates value within a company.

Second, the best way to achieve quality time is through high quality organisational and administrative systems.


Our main mission is to offer efficient, effective and scalable administrative and organisational systems in order to allow business owners to manage and grow their businesses instead of being ‘in’ their businesses.


We will continually work in order to gain the trust of our clients and become the reference business consulting practice for small to medium sized businesses.


our consulting services along with our organisational and administrative systems allow our clients to:

  1. Dedicate more time to important strategic and growth goals.
  2. Always have the latest and highest-quality information available in order to make sound decisions.
  3. Reduce costs in their businesses.
  4. Guarantee the sustainability and reliability of the economic well-being of their companies.

We create a continual flow of value-based communication with our clients: we substitute time lost on improvisation for management based on sound planning and minimisation of risk thereby permitting a very high return on investment and peace of mind.


We believe that the value of time is fundamental – recovering lost time is irrefutable.

A one-on-one approach of our services:we work hard to forge outstanding relationships with all of our customers and take great care to ensure the tools are made to the service of our clients and not the other way around; we make promises that stick; we are loyal and coherent.

Quality:we engage in careful planning and incorporate all necessary risk-reduction strategies as well as ensuring that we follow through with the quality of our work.

Clarity in our relationship: We will always be clear, honest and straight-forward in our approach whilst ensuring that we provide all the necessary support a business owner or entrepreneur needs during their journey.