Tempus Quality


A business organisation means effective control and recording of transactions and, ensuring that any assets generated through the company’s organisation are fully protected. Above all, and via systemised internal controls, we help companies employ their time in a systemised and efficient manner when providing their products or services.


Fully Integrated Start-up services.

For new start-ups: Sadly, only 5% of new companies survive their first three years of business. For our start-up clients, we are proud to have a track-record of just over 95% ; this has been achieved by providing expert advice during the start-up phase and which include the following range of services:

  • Establishing the most efficient company setup (submission of legal documents to the authorities, arranging power of attorney, and so forth)
  • Tax planning and tax management (we take of dealing with the tax authorities for you)
  • Accounting services
  • Advice on preparing and presenting proposals
  • Private coaching for the entrepreneur
  • Development of business plans and market evaluations including company presentations, video presentations and other key marketing materials
  • Website development and digital marketing services (online advertising, SEO, analytics and so forth)
  • If required, we can also provide specialist engineers if the start-up requires a thorough technical evaluation

Administrative Organisational Systems.

For established small businesses, we design and build custom administrative and organisational systems in order to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of the production. We are so confident in our services that we guarantee that the efficiency in the provision of your services or production improves by at least 60% thereby allowing you to obtain savings faster and grow your business.

Services for Public Municipalities and Town Halls.

For small and medium-sized public municipalities in Spain, we have specialised consultants who offer services to help them improve their organisational efficiencies in order to reduce costs and ensure that they maintain strict budget control.

Advanced Management Control Systems.

For medium and larger sized business with over 50 employees, we offer a range of services to improve their positioning in the marketplace by substantially improving their productivity and financial efficiency. Our services include a variety of systems and processes for time management, financial forecasting tools and financial simulations.

In essence, the services provided by Tempus Quality consist of designing and implementing work- efficiency systems:

  • We analyse in detail the administrative processes of your business from a fresh and different perspective.
  • Our focus is to improve on areas that imply risk and high costs.
  • Based on our extensive experience, we employ the best methodologies available in today’s marketplace.
  • We standardise and automate routine tasks (which often use a good part of an organisation’s time and provides no additional value to the business owner).
  • We perfect and guarantee the operation of new or existing key processes.
  • We eliminate duplication.
  • We simplify activity.
  • We have considerable real-life experience that, in collaboration with our client, results in an average of a 60% gain in productivity.
  • First, you get back your time and then you start earning more.