Tempus Quality


In Tempus Quality, our develop our services in a coordinated, integrated and above, all committed manner by being specialised in the management and planning of each project requiring multi-skilled teams.

Tempus Quality - CORE TEAM

Luis Juan Gutiérrez

Director of Administration, Accounting and Tax.

Luis hold an Honours Degree in Economic Science for the University Compultense in Madrid. He is a Chartered Economist and continued his education by obtaining a Masters Degree in Advanced Accounting from the Centre of Financial and Economic Studies. His wide experience includes commercial strategy, consolidation process management in mergers and acquisitions and internal auditing. Luis is an expert in the organisation and management of complex documentation both in traditional and online systems.

Tempus Quality - EQUIPO

Rafael Noguero

Director of Economic-Financial Consulting and Organisational Systems

Rafael holds an Honours Degree in Corporate Science from the Autonomous University of Madrid. He is a Chartered Economist and Chartered Auditor and is officially registered with the Spanish authorities as a licensed auditor.

After completing his initial studies, Rafael went on to complete a Masters Degree in Auditing from the Autonomous University in Madrid and an MBA from IESE Business School. He also completed doctorate-level studies in organisational systems as well as becoming an official auditor for ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 implementations.

In order to keep his studies up to date, he has also attended various specialised courses in accounting, international tax law, organisational systems, client engagement and loyalty, and as varied as efficient energy symposiums. He has considerable experience in the area of management and organisational systems in various sectors including eight years in the hotel industry. In total, he has worked on more than 300 complex projects ranging from administrative process design and implementation through to mergers and acquisitions.